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No children alone in the hospital

A baby in a neonatal intensive care unit suffers many painful procedures every day: intubations, nasal-tracheal suctioning, injections, operations, various treatments... Small and so fragile, he deserves to receive... comforts, warm touches, hugs.

Children who don’t have their parents by their side suffer all alone, with nobody to ease their pain. They are alone in the hospital!
And 1 in 5 children is alone because parents rarely visit or was abandoned.

We want there to be „no children alone in the hospital“! So we are running a professional volunteer
program at Marie Curie Hospital. The Voluntaries sit with the children, holding them, caressing them, singing to them, helping them do well and get well as they can.

For volunteers and children to be safe, we offer the necessary materials: uniforms, gloves, hospital shoes, but also soap or disinfectants. For these kids, we buy what parents would buy if they were there: diapers, hygienic napkins, food, we are paying for analyzes or medication when the hospital can not afford them. We need 8,000 euros per year for this.
Be the support of our volunteers and the children whom they offer love, but also many hours of their time.

The Heart of ChildrenAssociation

We are „The Heart of Children“ Association, a non-governmental organization established in January 2006.

We concentrate on supporting children with congenital heart diseases and sick newborns, we help patients and their families and we contribute as much as we can to building and modernizing hospital units where sick children are cared for.

Scarce statistics and doctors’ estimations put at around 1500 the number of Romanian children who need heart every year.

We built we built and furnished the Pediatric Heart Surgery Department of the Marie Curie Children's Hospital in Bucharest, to increase the number of operations that can be done in Romania (previously the two centers existing in Romania could cover around 400 operations, leaving hundreds of children on hopelessly long waiting lists, until their condition worsened beyond hope).
We also renovated the Cardiology Unit and the Neurosurgery Ward in the same hospital.
We then built a new wing for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Marie Curie Children's Hospital, a new building of over 1.600 sqm, that can now treat at least 400 newborns every year. Inspired by a successful American unit in Iowa City, the Marie Curie NICU is probably the best such unit in South-Eastern Europe.

Our voluntary program is intended for these very sick and fragile babies in the NICU, and will be extended to the other wards as soon as we find enough resources.

Thank you for supporting our cause and helping out!

Recomandă-le prietenilor această campanie.

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Asociația Inima Copiilor

Inima Copiilor este o asociatie non-guvernamentala si non-profit. Existam si ajutam copiii bolnavi de inima, dar nu doar pe ei, din 2006. 

Niciun copil singur in spital

Program de voluntariat profesionist dedicat copiilor internați la Terapie intensivă nou-născuți la spitalul Marie Curie din București

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